5 museums in Granada that you cannot miss

If you are planning a getaway for a few days to Granada, and would like to do some cultural activity, we recommend visiting some of the most emblematic museums in the city. You have many to choose from, but here we will recommend 5 of the most popular. You can’t leave the city without having visited at least one of these museums. Many of them offer guided tours.

Alhambra Museum

Visiting the Alhambra is a practically mandatory activity if you come to Granada. When you go, you cannot miss a visit to the museum located on the ground floor of the Carlos V Palace. It is a museum that consists of several rooms arranged chronologically, following a tour of the entire Spanish-Muslim history of the centuries. IX to XVI. These are the exhibitions that you can visit in the 7 rooms of this museum:

Room I: Science, Faith and Economy

This room is represented by two copies of the Koran, a solar notebook and a collection of coins.

Room II: Emiral and Caliphate Period

In this room, capitals from different stages and objects from daily life of the time, such as lamps, plates or jugs, are displayed.

Room III: Caliphate Architectural Decoration

In this room, architectural objects such as water basins, capitals and different ceramics, among others, are exhibited.

Room IV: From Taifa to Nasrid Art

Architectural elements from buildings outside the Alhambra are exhibited, such as two lions from the ancient Maristán del Albaicín.

Room V: Nasrid Period. The Alhambra and other palaces

Important representative pieces of the Alhambra are exhibited such as columns, fountains, doors, etc. In the center is the Gacelas Vase, a very important piece of Nasrid ceramics.

Room VI: Nasrid Period. La Rauda and Ceramics

Here you will find pieces that were part of the Alhambra palaces such as furniture, slabs, lamps and even a chair.

Room VII: Decoration and Ajua

In this last room you will also find pieces from the Nasrid period, such as textiles, gilded ceramics, a chess board and its pieces, or a collection of Nasrid clay toys.

Museum of Fine Arts of Granada

The Museum of Fine Arts of Granada was the first museum to open to the public in Spain. Despite having been moved multiple times, in 1958 it was moved to the Palace of Charles V in the Alhambra grounds, next to the Alhambra Museum.

The exhibition has 2,000 pieces, among which you can find paintings, sculptures, polychrome wood, Granada paintings with religious themes, among others. It also preserves works by important artists such as Alonso Cano or José María López Mezquita.

In addition, the museum has a library specialized in Renaissance and Baroque painting and sculpture.

Sacromonte Caves Museum

This museum is located in the Sacromonte neighborhood, a neighborhood with a lot of history. These caves transport you to the lives of their inhabitants from more than a century ago. The recreation of ten of these caves, thanks to the exhibition of furniture and utensils of daily life, makes it possible to imagine the life of its first inhabitants, who were mainly gypsies and Muslims.

This mix of neighborhood cultures gave shape to flamenco, an art to which the museum currently also dedicates a space. Many other cultural activities and events are also organized in this museum.

Palace of the forgotten

The Palace of the Forgotten is located in Albaicín and was conceived as a space dedicated to the Sefradi culture of Granada. Although, after the inquisition and expulsion of the Jews from Granada with the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs, there are hardly any remains of the Jewish Granada, they were an important community with great artists, scientists and philosophers who enriched the city.

In its more than 700 square meters of museum, you can enjoy its collections and pieces related to the inquisition, the Jews, religious rituals and symbols, festivities, among others. In addition, from this museum you can enjoy impressive views of the Alhambra.

Now that you know the 5 museums in Granada and what you can find in them, we propose the best plan after a quiet day visiting museums. Surely you fancy a more lively and energetic plan, that is why there is no better way to end the day than enjoying a good Flamenco show while you taste the gastronomic offer that we offer at Flamenco Palacio.