Welcome to the exciting WORLD OF FLAMENCO

an art that bursts forth with passion and duende from the depths of the soul.

Flamenco artists are BEARERS OF A MILLENNIAL TRADITION, capable of conveying emotions through singing, dancing, and guitar playing with an intensity that sends shivers down the spine. In each flamenco palo, each rhythm, and each finale, a story hides that speaks of love, pain, joy, and struggle. From our tablao to the most prestigious stages, flamenco artists showcase their art with a unique dedication, captivating all those who allow themselves to be seduced by its magic. Prepare to be carried away by the fire and elegance of this wonderful universe! 

Flamenco an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Singers, guitarists, and dancers. Men and women who LIVE FLAMENCO, from their childhood, and have grown up surrounded by art. Our flamenco artists play various “palos” (styles) and can express what flamenco is; they understand the culture of flamenco, in addition to the intricacies of the musical genre, and can communicate, through their art, andalusian tradition and its values.

“Flamenco is not a display of strength but of aesthetics, style, charisma, and dance discipline…”



Biography: Born in Seville, he is the son of the singer Juan Fernández Flores “El Moreno” and the dancer Rosario Montoya Manzano “La Farruca.” He is the heir to a school founded by his grandfather “Farruco.” He made his international debut at the age of five on Broadway with the show “Flamenco Puro,” sharing the stage with his family and…

Antonio Canales


Biography: Born in Seville in 1961, Antonio comes from a family of artists. He began his career as a dancer in the National Ballet and later left to move to Paris to join Maguy Marin’s ballet. He was invited to participate in the production…

Juan Andrés Maya


This artist, a native of Sacromonte, is one of the prominent Granada figures in flamenco dance. Born in 1972 into a highly relevant Gypsy family, the Maya family, he began dancing at the tablao of his parents, La Cueva de la Rocío, from the age of three…

Remedios Amaya


Biography: Her original name is María Dolores Amaya Vega. Born in the Sevillian neighborhood of Triana, she belongs to a Gypsy family of flamenco artists from Extremadura, with her uncle being the singer Alejandro Vega. She began singing at the “Los Gallos” tablao in Seville as a child. In 1978…

Paula Rodríguez Lázaro


Artistic Training: A native of Santander, she began dancing at the age of four at the Authorized Dance Center Armengou. Until the age of seventeen, she pursued her studies in classical and contemporary dance with Gema de Beraza, in Spanish dance with Carmen Armengou, and in flamenco with Paz Díaz…

Antonio Jiménez


Being such an enthusiast of dance, his other passion, Antonio achieves a rhythm in his guitar playing that is well understood by dancers. At the age of 20, he began to make his debut here at Cardamomo alongside the greatest. Antonio Canales, Jose Maya, and “Farruquito” are some of the…

Pastora Galván


Biography: A dancer born in Seville, the daughter of José Galván, and sister to Israel Galván, she hails from a family of flamenco dancers with different styles. In 1990, Pastora began her studies in Spanish Dance at the Conservatory of Seville, which she pursued until 1998. At the age of 15, she embarked on her first…

Kelián Jiménez (Madrid)


His knowledge of flamenco guitar and composition marks the distinctive personality of his movements as a dancer… He made his debut at just 12 years old at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in the play “Carmen,” with Rafael Aguilar’s company, alongside Teresa Berganza. More…

Miguel «El Rubio»


Biography: This young dancer has grown up surrounded by flamenco art from his earliest childhood. At the age of just five, he made his debut in the show directed by Antonio Fernandez Montoya “Farru,” titled “Los gnomos del flamenco.” At the age of eight, he participated in the Flamenco Biennial in Seville, and at…