Flamenco shows in Granada

In our flamenco shows you will find great artists of national and international prestige, who meet every day at the emblematic Palacio de los Olvidados in Granada. The best live flamenco music from Monday to Sunday in an unparalleled place full of history.


The flamenco show of singing, guitar and dance that we offer every night inside the 16th century Palacio de los Olvidados in Granada is a unique and fascinating experience that transports viewers to the rich tradition of flamenco. During an hour full of passion and energy, the artists show off their talent and mastery in each discipline.

Each evening has a different musical program that offers different times for the visitor to choose from. Choose the time slot that best suits you: 7 p.m., 8:30 p.m. and 10pm for the last flamenco session. We are open from Monday to Sunday to offer the best flamenco show in Granada.


The voices of our singers fill the hall with their strength and emotion, transmitting the deep emotions and the pain and joy of flamenco. The singing captures the essence of the genre and moves everyone present, with poetic lyrics and melodies full of melancholy.


The flamenco guitar, accompanying the singing, displays its virtuosity and fascinating rhythms. The guitarist’s nimble fingers pluck the strings masterfully, creating a rhythmic and harmonic base that enriches the performance. The chords and strumming fill the air and blend with the voice, creating a unique atmosphere.


The flamenco dancing, with its strength and grace, is another highlight of the show. The dancers move with passion and dexterity, setting the rhythm with their elegant heels and turns. Their expressive and energetic movements tell stories of love, heartbreak and struggle, captivating the audience with their skill and stage presence.


A selection of the best artists to enjoy the most authentic flamenco and Andalusian folklore in town.


The setting of the 16th century palace provides the perfect backdrop for this flamenco music show in Granada. The architectural details and majesty of the venue add a touch of greatness and magnificence to the event. The carefully designed lighting enhances the beauty of the performers and creates an intimate and magical atmosphere.

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The performance of singing, guitar and dance at the Tablao Palacio Flamenco, lasts 1 hour. A session in which to discover all the passion and virtuosity of this musical genre. The artists give themselves completely to their art, transporting the audience to the deepest roots of flamenco. An unforgettable experience that combines music, dance and history in a spectacular setting, at the foot of the majestic Alhambra. Book your ticket now and don’t miss the best flamenco shows in Granada.