Flamenco Tablao

More than a dance

A way of life…”

Can you imagine experiencing the MOST AUTHENTIC FLAMENCO in a 16th-century palace at the foot of the Alhambra?

the most spectacular
Flamenco Tablao in Granada.


Welcome to Flamenco en Palacio, a flamenco tablao in Granada where you can enjoy a show in a historical and majestic setting. Let us take you on a one-hour journey through the sounds and art of flamenco, combining singing, guitar, and dance with the passion and skill characteristic of this form of artistic expression.


The stage softly illuminates, revealing a finely polished wooden tablao surrounded by marble columns.


Flamenco en Palacio is born to showcase to all Grenadians and visitors the depth of the flamenco experience in the Albayzín (the Arabic Neighborhood), at the foot of the majestic Alhambra. The best live music performances can now be seen at the Palacio de los Olvidados (Palace of the Forgotten).


Every day, we bring top-tier artists who, with their art, manage to express what this genre is and what it means.


Guitarists, singers, and dancers who fill one of the most beautiful corners of the province with light, feeling, and art.


You will witness a flamenco show that will transport you to a world full of energy, passion, and beauty. An encounter between tradition and history, where the art of flamenco comes to life and leaves an indelible mark on the souls of those who experience it.

Tablao Flamenco en Granada

“Flamenco passion cannot be understood by those who do not experience it.”

“Flamenco passion cannot be understood by those who do not experience it.”

Not only because of
its artists, but also because
of its location.

Visiting Flamenco en Palacio is visiting one of the best flamenco tablaos in Granada.

We have meticulously attended to every detail of the decoration, sound, and the safety of the venue to ensure your comfort and to allow you to experience the most authentic flamenco firsthand.