In the event that it is not possible to access one of the locations or a purchased service cannot be provided, we want to assure you that you will be refunded the amount proportional to the access or service affected. It is important that you know that in our commitment to guarantee your satisfaction, we strive to meet all your expectations and in the event of any eventuality, we want to assure you that we will act quickly and effectively to solve any inconvenience that may arise.

We want you to feel confident when choosing our services, so if for any reason you want to cancel your reservation, you only need to do so 24 hours in advance. In this case, the refund of the corresponding amount will be made by the same method used in the payment (cash, card, etc.).

In short, in our company we care about providing you with the best possible care and service, with the commitment to solve any situation that may affect your experience with us.

Thank you for trusting our services and we hope to see you soon!