Flamenco in the palace: the most spectacular Tablao in Granada

Flamenco en Palacio is a Tablao where you can enjoy an incredible journey through the sounds and art of flamenco in an environment as historic and majestic as the Palacio de Los Olvidados .

The Tablao

The Flamenco Tablao in Palacio was born to immerse, in a dream location such as the Albayzín neighborhood , both Granaínos and visitors in the profound experience of a true flamenco show and where you can feel the centuries of history that this art treasures.

There is no way to think about Granada and not think about flamenco, since it is in our city where this art, coming from the mixture of the different cultures that have passed through here, has been able to develop and preserve.

In our Tablao you can witness a show that will transport the viewer to a world full of energy, passion and beauty. An encounter that combines tradition and history , where the art of flamenco comes to life and leaves a mark that is difficult to erase in the souls of those who experience it.


Flamenco is an art that is deeply rooted in Spanish culture and tradition , but especially in Andalusia. The singing, guitar and dance show that can be enjoyed at Flamenco en Palacio is an immersion in this fascinating world, in which each element plays a fundamental role in expressing the most authentic and intense emotions of this genre.

For an hour the artists squander their talent and dedicate themselves completely to each of the disciplines.

Singing, the soul of flamenco and through which the cantaoras and cantaores, through their voices, flood the space and transmit the deep emotions that the poetic lyrics of the genre have, taking the viewer on an emotional and sensory journey through their interpretation.

The flamenco guitar , the undisputed companion of singing, displays its virtuosity in each of the shows. The guitarist with his agile fingers creates a rhythmic and harmonic base that enriches and mixes with the voices of the singers, creating an atmosphere that captivates everyone who is present.

Of course the dance cannot be missing, the body expression of flamenco which, with its strength and grace, is one of the most outstanding elements of the show. The male and female dancers accompany the rhythm with their heels and their movements full of passion and mastery. Its turns and gestures so characteristic of this art express and narrate stories of love, heartbreak and struggle.

Together, these three elements , which cannot coexist without each other, are intertwined in each of the shows to give life to the complete experience, transcending barriers and reaching the heart of each of the spectators.

Espectáculo flamenco de baile, cante y guitarra en el Tablao de Flamenco en Palacio

The palace of the Forgotten

The surroundings of the Palacio de Los Olvidados provide the perfect setting to enjoy a show of these characteristics.

Located on the Cuesta de Santa Inés, in the lower Albayzín, the Palace, which dates back to the 16th century and is located on the banks of the Darro River, right at the foot of the Alhambra, was conceived as an exhibition space dedicated to the Sephardic culture of Granada. and owing its name to a town that was forgotten after the inquisition and its expulsion from the city upon the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs.

The majestic details of this location add a touch of grandeur and highlight the beauty of the artists, in addition to creating a unique and magical atmosphere in each of the shows.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience first-hand the magic and charm of a flamenco show in a dream location.