Flamenco festivals 

Music festivals are events that last several days or weeks and bring together various concerts. In Spain, different flamenco festivals are held every year to preserve this musical genre with so much history and which captivates locals and foreigners alike. Keep reading and discover the best flamenco festivals to enjoy music and art. Concerts, workshops, conferences and competitions are some of the magnificent activities that these music festivals offer us edition after edition.

Jerez Flamenco Festival

It is an annual musical festival that takes place in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) from February to March and was held for the first time in 1995. After the festival, the Festival de Jerez Awards are presented, in which there is a jury formed by the public and specialized critics. This celebration not only stands out for its performances, but also for its workshops and informative flamenco courses in theaters and clubs of the city.

International Cante de las Minas Festival

It is one of the best and most famous flamenco festivals held in Spain. It takes place every summer in La Unión (Murcía). This musical celebration was born as a singing contest in its beginnings. Years later, this competition would become famous with the participation of the singer and actor Juanito Valderrama. Currently this festival does not focus only on singing, but also on dancing and playing.

Utrera Gypsy Stew

The Potaje Gitano de Utrera is the oldest flamenco festival in the world. It has been celebrated year after year since May 1957. The first edition arose after a meal by the Brotherhood of Gypsies of Utrera (Seville). This musical festival brings together the best flamenco artists of the moment every year in spring. Fans and tourists visit this festival every season.

Andalusia Flamenco Cycle

More than a festival, it is a cycle of flamenco music organized by the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions (AAIICC) together with the National Center for Musical Diffusion, which equally deserves to be on this list, since for a few months it brings together great artists and shows. Since 2008, different flamenco concerts that belong to this event have been held year after year at the National Music Auditorium in Madrid.

City of Huelva Flamenco Festival

The Huelva Flamenco Festival is one of the youngest, but not the least interesting. However, although it has been celebrated since 2016, this festival is a continuation of the old Quitasueños Festival, which was held in the Barrio Obrero of Huelva and which the city council has wanted to recover. It is usually performed from May to June, usually in places such as the gardens of Casa Colón and the Gran Teatro. It hosts concerts, educational workshops, talks and flamenco competitions.

Mistela Flamenco Festival

This is one of the most traditional summer music festivals. It has been celebrated since 1973 in the Sevillian municipality of Los Palacios y Villafranca. Each edition hosts great flamenco art shows and artists of national and international renown. Many of them take place at the Pedro Pérez Fernández Municipal Theater, where it is also important to highlight the presentation of musical premieres almost every year. In addition, the “Venencia Flamenca” prize is presented, which is awarded to the most promising young dancers, singers and guitarists.

These are some of the most important and most influential flamenco festivals celebrated in Spain. Each one of them has a great mission: to spread flamenco musical culture and delight us with great artists from the national scene. Would you add any more?